Todd’s f20 e7 car is back on the road. exhaust should be finished soon.

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Introducing my newest project. 1987 Toyota Corolla sr5 coupe. 258k miles, Clean straight body, and it still runs strong. Its been 7+ years since I last owned an ae86, and I’m stoked to finally be back. Going to take my time with this build like I did with the Cressida. The goal is to have a clean, fun to drive, and (some what)reliable street car. lol. I’ll try and keep you guys posted as the build progresses. 

Stay tuned!

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~Style Conscious Life~

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keep it secret. keep it safe.

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spared no expense.

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Went for a drive with my love @aicasillas. Freeway pulls never felt so good.

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Starry night. 

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Fucking stoked

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With a new year comes change. Happy 2014 to all my friends/followers!!

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in the garage you go.

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Finally acquired a set of gx70 clear corner lights! 

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Newest addition to the LadiesKNIGHT family. Gio’s new LS400, which was formerly dolphinmurdercrew's car. 

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Decided to snap some pics of my jzx73 before she goes in the garage for a couple weeks. 

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Anyone interested in my old Centerlines? they were originally 4x100, but they were redrilled to 4x114.3 by one of the previous owners. They also require shank style lug nuts which i will provide. The wheel closest in the picture has some pretty mean curb rash from its past life on drift cars. But it holds air just fine, and all the wheels are balanced. 

Tires are 195/50/15 Toyo Proxes4 with lots of life left. 2 of them have some wear on the sidewalls from rubbing the fender. 

Size is 15x9 offset is around -25.

Wheels are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. will not ship.

Price is $700obo 

Cash him out! Wheels are legit!

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Pics from Fatlace’s coverage of their Slammed Society Showcase this passed weekend at Sonoma Raceway during the WTCC. Yep thats me on the right in the NHRA Dickies work shirt :)  Won 3rd place for Best JDM. Although I think I was much better suited in the old school category. But no matter what I’m just thankful for even placing.

link below

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